How to Create Your Digital Marketing Plan 2018

How to Create Your Digital Marketing Plan 2018



We at RAKESH TECH Solutions are committed to provide you the best solution in Digital Marketing and also best support in the industry.
RAKESH TECH Solutions is a Web Design, Development and Digital Marketing Company. We have expertise in Web Design, Web Development, Ecommerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Branding and Online Marketing Solutions. Our Online Marketing Strategies ensure the maximum penetration into the market with broadened exposure of your website.
With this proposal, we aspire to deliver an effective digital marketing strategy to your business to help increase branding and business awareness which inturn increases customer engagement with your business.
We appreciate the opportunity to submit a Digital Marketing proposal to you and your business. This proposal will provide you an overview of the benefits of our firm and a brief about various opportunities we can leverage.
Services Available
Social Media Marketing Services
·         Social Media Profile Development (Social Profile Audit, for those with existing accounts)
·         Social Media Strategy
·         Social Media Portfolio Management
·         Performance Reporting
·         Creative Social Media & Ad Campaigns
·         Blogging
·         Content Meetings & Calendar Development
Business & Marketing Consultation Services
·         Newsletter & Email Campaigns
·         Small Business & Marketing Strategy Audit & Strategy Development
·         Monthly Creative & Campaign Planning Meetings
·         Event Marketing
·         Branding
Additional Services
·         Web & Graphic Design
·         SEO/SEM/PPC & Google Campaigns
·         Website Maintenance
Why a Web Site Needs Search Engine Optimization?
The increased visibility which results from a properly well thought-out SEO Optimization campaign boosts your website’s ability to be found by searchers seeking your services. This increase in targeted traffic to your site greatly increases the likelihood of sales.

Our Search Engine Optimization process can be described through as below
Site Wide Factors
·         Preparing a detailed SEO Strategy
·         Basic Keyword Research and Identification
·         Competitors analysis and Report preparation
·         Site Change ImplementationStep 1:
·         XML Sitemap
·         RSS Feeds
·         Website Traffic Analysis
On-Page Optimization
·         Optimizing Title Tags & Meta Tags
·         Optimization Site Directory and Structure, Navigation
·         Anchor Tag Optimization
·         Existing Content OptimizationStep 2:
·         Creation of new Optimized Pages
·         Image Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
·         Link Building
·         Directory Submission
·         Article Submission
·         Product Directory Submission
·         Social Book Marking Services
·        Press Release
·        Photo Sharing
·        Video MarketingStep 3:
·        Forum Posting
·        Blog Commenting
·        Local Listing
·        Classifieds
·         Blogging
·         Search Engine Submission
·        CSS & W3C & RSS submission

We would be performing below task monthly for each website:-



Weekly approx. figure
Monthly approx. figure
Social Bookmarking
30 (3-5 for each keyword)
Directory Submission
20 (3-5 for each keyword)
Search Engine Submission
1st month only
12 in a week
Business Listing
5 in a week
RSS feeds submission
Every Week
URL Pinging
once in a month
Blog Creation & posting
2 in a week
8 in a week
2 in a week
Article Bookmarking
10 for approved article URL
Blog Bookmarking
10 for approved blog URL
Content Sharing
Each approved blog and article in 5 top sites
Press Release submission
Provided by client
Question & Answering
4 in a week
Social Profile creation
5 in a week
Facebook Likes
8-10 in a week
30-40 in a month
Twitter Followers
8-10 in a week
30-40 in a month
Facebook Posting
2 in a day (10 in a week)
40 in a month
Twitter tweet
2 in a day (10 in a week)
40 in a month
Each approved blog and article URL sharing in Facebook
Integrate external blog with Social Account.
Create External Blogs (Word press, tumbler) and Customized.
Increase people talking about.
RSS Feed generation and submission.
Social Profile creation.
Photos Sharing
Quality Check up
On-Page, SEO and SMO Progress Report every 15 days.

SMO Strategy

·         Creation and submissions strategic content (Include profiles, business listings, articles, press releases, blog posts)
·         Optimize all content for SERPs, populate and promote exist social assets as well as new ones created using a mix of SEO, content and social media strategies.
·         Development of Micro Sites.
·         Increase genuine likes and followers in Social Media Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube).
·         Social Bookmarking and increase voters.
·         Setup, Linking & Promotion of Profiles
·         External Blog Setup & Social Commentary
·         Wikipedia Profile Setup & Linking
·         Photo Sharing
·         Slide share Submission
·         Create Blog with our main domain name and share it in social account.
·         Explore Guest Posting
·         Tracking and monitoring our Reputation of with our main keywords that represents our brand.
·         Evaluate Your Competition
·         Focus where we can get the best results (like social bookmark).
·         Search relevant forums and start discussion over there.
·         We will change our social accounts banner every month (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and when we launch any new thing we will create a banner like that and change it.
·         Info graphic Submission.
·         Grow our YouTube channel subscriber & viewers.
·         Create more channels like Vimeo, MySpace etc. and expand our video in other channels.
·         Online forums and communities Discussion

Cost for Digital Marketing (SEO + SMO):
No. of Keywords
Fees Per Month
5 Keywords
10 Keywords
20 Keywords
30 Keywords
And so on

1.     Time Frame to achieve Page one ranks:
·         Low Competition keywords: 2-3 Months
·         Medium Competition keywords: 4-5 Months
·         High Competition keywords: 5-7 Months

2.     Objective:Main focus is to generate more leads and relevant traffic from Google SERP and all social communities (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, directories, and more) with SMO activities mentioned above. Bring traffic from Organic Google search by bring maximum keywords in page 1 rank. Increasing ROI from the website with help of SEO, SMO & SEM strategy.
3.     No extra fees for On-page optimization.
4.     Target:________________________
5.     Includes Content writing/ article charges.
6.     No contract & No locking period.
7.     On-Page, SEO and SMO Progress Report every 15 days.

Recommended Add-on SEM Strategy
Recommended Budget for SEM:

1. PPC Ads for Branding & Traffic (initially recommended budget _____________)
2. Social Media Ads including Facebook ads (initially recommended budget _______________)

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (also known as CPC) is where an advertiser pays for their copy/advertisement, Ad, to appear when you search your keywords. A simple and effective way of getting almost instant traffic is by paying for it. When our clients ask us to define Pay per Click, we tell them that PPC is a very cost-effective means to get their site noticed by their target audience while our other Internet marketing strategies are gradually helping their site achieve their natural ranking potential.

In a way, PPC advertising works like a silent auction. Advertisers place bids on keywords or phrases that they think their target audience would type in a search field when they are looking for specific goods or services. When a web user types a search query into the field of a search engine that matches the advertiser’s keyword list or visits a web page with content that correlates to the keywords or phrases chosen by the advertiser, the PPC ad may be displayed on the page. In search engines, a PPC ad is generally just above or to the right of the search results where they can be easily seen. On other kinds of websites, the ad will be placed in the location that the site designer has determined will be the most advantageous to his site and the advertiser.

To differentiate PPC ads from the natural search results displayed on a page, search engines will often place PPC ads under “Sponsored Ads” or “Sponsored Links” which also makes them easier to notice on a page that is crowded with text and other items competing for a web user’s attention.

The rates that these outfits charge for a PPC ad vary significantly depending on the popularity of the keyword or phrase. For example, if an advertiser wants a PPC ad targeted for the phrase ‘cottage cheese’, they can get prominent placement for their PPC ad with a very low bid and a low per-click charge. However, for a phrase such as ‘computer’, an advertiser can expect heavy competition for prominent placementand expect to pay premium per-click rates. It all comes down to supply and demand for the keywords and phrases that the advertiser wishes to target.

PPC Account Structure
Campaign Set Up:
The campaign is the vessel for your ad groups and where most of the settings are Budget, geography, networks, negative keywords, time of day/days of the week and devices.
Ad Groups:
Use the keyword niches you plan on targeting to determine how many and which ad groups you’ll need to create.
Cost for PPC and Facebook ads campaign(if required):
·         PPC Campaign Setup: __5000 weekly____ one time.
·         PPC Campaign Running fees per month: _______15000_____ per month up to budget of ______________________.
·         Facebook ad Campaign Setup: ___________ ____one time.
·         Facebook ads Campaign Running fees per month: ___________________ per month up to budget of _________________.

Getting Started:


An investment of _____________ will cover the Digital Marketing. This estimate is good for ___________ days from the date above, and is based on the information provided. The addition of pages or significant functions or features not specified herein may result in additional costs and time; Emblix Solutions will make this clear via Change Orders.


Approximately ___________ weeks for full completion including testing and bug fixing, will be required from start to finish, assuming that the processes of providing content, feedback, and approval are free from delays.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions.

Contact: +91 8801455157


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