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1. Explain digital marketing?

Digital marketing is all about brand marketing tactics through the internet. It includes various techniques like SEO, SEM, SMM, Email marketing, Content marketing, and Web analytics.

2. How will you categorize the digital marketing?

The digital marketing is categorized into two important segments:

Inbound Marketing: Inbound Marketing refers to the technique whereby one can take up the help of social media, webinars, e-books, newsletters as well as the increase in the number of clicks on the links i.e. PPC. It helps a customer to learn more about a company and its services.

Outbound Marketing: Outbound marketing includes placing ads, calls, emails or reach out potential clients through the digital Platforms.

3. What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique which helps to increase the quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

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4. What is a keyword in digital marketing? How crucial is it from the point of SEO?

A “Keyword” in digital marketing is the word that a user enters into a search engine to find specific information. From the point of SEO, for better page ranking keywords are very important. How and where you have applied the keywords will reflect your site ranking.

5. What are the essential areas where you can use your keywords to optimize the site ranking?

It is essential to place our keywords on the appropriate area for better page ranking. These areas are:

Website URL
Website Title
Meta tag
Web page content

6. What are the primary models for determining PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

Flat rate PPC :
In flat rate PPC, both publisher and advertiser conform to a fixed amount that will be paid for every click. In all the time, the publisher has a rate card for PPC plan based on many areas of their website. The amount differs as per the content that commonly attracts more or fewer people.

Bid based PPC :
In bid based PPC, the advertiser fights with other advertisers in a private auction hosted by a publisher. The advertiser will inform to the publisher for the maximum amount of bid he is willing to pay.

7. Explain about Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is the single most successful PPC advertising system in the world. It works on Pay per click model. The Google AdWords platform enables the business to create ads that appear on Google search engine and their other properties.

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8. What qualities should an effective PPC contain?

An effective PPC keyword should be like this:

Relevant: List out the targeted keywords.

Exhaustive: Apart from the most popular keywords it should include the “long tail of search.”

Expansive: PPC is iterative; hence the keyword list should constantly be growing and adapting.

9. What are the key elements to optimize the conversion rates per PPC?

The conversion rate is nothing but to bring more visitors to your website. You have to focus on the following things to increase the conversion rate:

Write compelling content which is very relevant to the keyword or search query.
Keep a high degree of relevance between your ads and corresponding landing pages.
The web page should easy registering process, signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase.
Check the design of your landing page which should have the right combination of color, layout, and GUI to attract more customers.

10. What are things needed for an effective Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigning?

For an effective Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, We must do following things:

Add more PPC Keywords: By adding more keywords that are related to your business, we can increase the reach of your pay per click.

Split Ad Groups: By splitting up our ad groups into smaller and more relevant ad groups, we can raise click-through-rate (CTR).

Review costly PPC Keywords: Analyze expensive and under-performing keywords, and we should try to avoid them.

Refine landing page: To align with search queries modify the content and call-to-action of your landing page. A proper landing page can support to drive more traffic.

Add negative keywords: To improve campaign relevancy and reduce wasted spend, we can add negative keywords/non-converting terms. (When search with that keyword, it will not show your website).

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11. List out some of the useful online marketing tools?

Here, Some of the useful online marketing tools:

Google Analytics
Digital point keyword tracker
Crazy egg heatmaps
Keyword discovery
XML Sitemap Generator
Favicon generator
Submit Express Link Popularity

12. Mention what is on-page and off-page optimization?

On page optimization: On-page optimization directly deals with the content and structure of the website.

Off page optimization: Off-page optimization is the process of boosting your search engine ranking by getting external links pointing back to it

13. What should one do to avoid the penalty?

Do not link to any other website with bad pagerank.
Avoid stealing text or images from other domains.
Avoid Poison words, for example, word “link,” when you hypertext this text to give the link to your site it becomes poison words.
Avoid redirecting users to another page into refresh meta-tags – don’t instantly send visitors to another page even before they clicked on the web page link.

14. What are the characteristics of “bad links”?

The characteristics of “bad links” are:

Links from the websites that are unrelated to your sites.
Links from link exchanges.
Links from low Pagerank and Low traffic.
Link from the same anchor texts coming from multiple websites.
Links from those sites that are not in Google index.
Spammy links from blogs or articles.
Paid links.

15. What is the effective way to improve traffic to your website?

To effectively improve traffic to your site focus on referring links and SEO. It will not only help one gain visitants but will also help in brand recognition. However, the most important factor is to focus on User Retention.

16. What is the difference between branding and direct marketing?

In branding:
An advertiser needs to expose his brand to major sites and applications with mass reach. The most famous methods are custom ads, YouTube ads, remarketing, and display ads target.

In direct marketing:
The advertiser is interested in communicating with the target audience. The most common campaigns are dynamic search ads, shopping ads, Search Network Only, etc.

17. What is Google AdWords Remarketing?

The Google AdWords Remarketing is a targeted marketing strategy which assists marketers to reach people who previously visited their websites but didn’t make a purchase. This remarketing help in targeting right people with the right ad.

18. How do you stay updated with latest Digital Marketing trends?

Digital Marketing is a dynamic field; it is important to stay updated with the blogs, books, webinars. I can stay updated with Latest Trends in Digital marketing By Checking MOZ website; I can get all information regarding SEO, Blogs on Digital Marketing, SEO Keywords meaning From experts. I read blog Posts of Neil Patel. He shares a lot of information on digital marketing.

19. What are the activities used to promote Digital marketing?

The digital Marketing activities are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Content Marketing
E-commerce Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing

20. What is the keyword in digital marketing? What is the importance of it’s in SEO?

In digital marketing, the keyword is a word that a user enters into the search engine to find specific information. The keywords are very important for SEO and better page ranking. Where and how you place the keywords is directly reflected in your page ranking.


21. Name some digital marketing channels?

Multiple channels are promoting digital marketing. Here are some multiple online marketing channels:

Affiliated Marketing
Display Marketing
Email Marketing
Search Marketing
Social Marketing
Social Media
Social Networking
Online PR
Video Advertising

22. What are Search Engines?

Search engines perform a significant role to find out the accurate and relevant information through World Wide Web. Some major search engines are:

Bing, etc.

23. What do you know about PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is an advertising technique utilized to direct traffic to websites. It is also known as Cost Per Click. In this technique, the advertisers pay to the website owner when the ad is clicked. In other words, it is the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.

24. What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is the most famous PPC advertising system in the world. It follows Pay Per Click model. The Google AdWords platform facilitates website owners to create ads that appear on Google search engine and their other properties.

25. Mention what is the usage of anchor tag in SEO?

The anchor tag is the most important one in Search Engine Optimization Elements. It is used to make clickable text written on a hyperlink.It helps to create a link with relevant text on website/blog or a web page. It also refers to others links to our site, if we do it properly that is referred as back links by major Search engines like Google.

26. What are some techniques of Black Hat SEO?

Keyword Stuffing
Doorway page
Link Farming
Hidden Text etc.

27. What is webmaster tool?

A webmaster tool is a free service by Google which provides free Indexing data, crawl errors, search queries, backlinks information, website malware errors and submit the XML sitemap.

28. What do you mean by Spider?

Most of the search engines use programs called spiders to index web sites. Spiders follow hyperlinks and collect textual and meta information for the search engine databases. It may also rate the content being indexed to help the search engine determine relevancy levels to a search.

29. Mention what is cloaking?

Clocking is a technique which is used in Black Hat SEO. It enables to create two different types of pages where the page content is presented to search engine spider.

30. what is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO: It is a process to get our website appear in the search engine result pages(SERPs).
SEM: It is a search engine marketing to purchase a space in search engine result page.

31. How would you improve the Pagerank of a page?

The Pagerank of a page can be increased by building more backlinks from authority sites and high page rank web pages.

32. What do you mean by 301 redirects?

A 301 redirect is a process of reporting web browsers and search engines that a web page or site has been permanently moved to a new location. Usually, a 301 redirect includes the address to which the resource has been moved.

33. How should you decrease the loading time of a website?

We should do the following instruction to reduce the loading time of a website:

Use external style sheets.
Use fewer images.
Optimize images and reduce the file size without affecting the quality of that image.
Use CSS sprites to reduce HTTP request etc.

34. What is robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a text file which is used to provide instructions to the search engine crawlers about the indexing and caching of a web page, domain, directory or a file of a website.

35. How should you use social media as a tool for customer service?

Social media is a great tool for customer service since you can converse with the client directly. Use analytics for their response & get influencer for interaction.

36. How do you improve quality score of an ad?

A Quality Score of an ad depends on the relevancy of the keywords, ads, and quality of landing page. So I will take the keywords relevant to the landing page and create ads accordingly.

37. Mention how do you use social media for marketing?

I utilize social media to drive traffic and exposure of the brands. I will get leads by posting quality posts and images. I will use various groups, commenting on posts and paid marketing on Facebook, Linkedin. I use Facebook marketing to boost the post, increase page links, website visit, etc.

38. Mention how do you use twitter for business development?

The Twitter is one of the largest social media channels in the world. The power of Twitter exists in the # tags. I drive massive traffic to my site using trending # tags.

39. What is PPC Advertising?

PPC Advertising is an online advertising model in which advertisers can display their ads for goods or services. The advertisers are only charging when a user clicks on their ad, hence the name PPC “pay-per-click.” It can also refer to as keyword advertising.

40. How does PPC work?

Pay-per-click(PPC) marketing is a method of utilizing search engine advertising to generate clicks for our site, rather than getting organic clicks. In a PPC campaign, we pay Google however much we want to have them list ads for our site on the top and right of the organic search listings. When the user clicks on our ad, we pay the current Cost Per Click (CPC) from our budget.

41. What is Email marketing?

An Email marketing is a marketing approach that utilizes electronic mail as a medium of communication for advertising purpose. This marketing strategy generally works for building the customer interest and increasing the current customer base by achieving their belief in you. It encourages ‘repeat business.’

42. Define CRM?

CRM (Customer relationship management) is a way to managing a company’s interaction with current and possible clients. It refers to practices, strategies, and technologies that companies use to maintain customer interactions and data during the client’s lifecycle, supporting in customer retention and driving sales growth. These CRM systems are invented to compile information on customers across different channels. CRM systems can provide customer-facing staff detailed information on consumers personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

43. Is Social Media Marketing suitable for B2C Or B2B businesses?

Yes. Social Media Marketing is important for both. But in different approaches. While B2C businesses can concentrate on more light-hearted and fun social media posts, B2B businesses require using social media to share valuable industry content. As a tool for connecting a business with its customers, however, social media is essential to B2B or B2C.

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44. How should you use LinkedIn for marketing?

The LinkedIn has over 467 million users. It is an excellent place to share our credentials with the world. It’s the ideal place to communicate with your audience online. In LinkedIn Groups, you can answer the questions and participate in discussions to show your industry thought leadership as well as your readiness to help others liberally.

45. Is YouTube important for marketing?

Videos are becoming much more important in the world of social media marketing. The YouTube gets over 4 billion views per day. Promote your brand image by a video, let your viewers have a glimpse behind the scenes at your business.

46. What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of important technique in Digital Marketing. It aligns business and customer information demands with relevant content. Content can serve as a means to attract, retain and convert a particular targeted audience. From blogging and social media and eBooks, content marketers use a variety of tactics to consistently inform and convince their clients without trying to market them something outright. It can be used by small businesses and large companies.

47. How important are keywords in Content Marketing?

Keywords are an essential for content marketing. Without keyword, content marketing is not possible. Keywords play a vital role in SEO and Content marketing. In content marketing, without keywords how to make proper content and how to get the ranking and traffic. Furthermore, if you do not use the right keywords in your content, your target clients will never be able to make it to your web page.

48. How do you measure social return on investment?

Analytics support us to learn how social media posts are working on are. The fundamental rules are same likes, clicks, and shares, etc. We can use conversion measurement tool on Facebook and Optimized CPM.

49. What do understand by Quality Score?

Quality Score is an evaluation of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC ads. It is calculated for each keyword between 1 to 10. This Quality Score defines the quality of keyword compared with Ads, Ad text, and Landing Page.

50. What are the factors which affect the Quality Score?

CTR (Click Through Rate) of the Keyword
Relevance of Keywords and Ads
Landing Page Quality
Historical Account Data
51. What kind of business uses affiliate marketing?

All eCommerce sites, like Amazon, eBay, etc.

52. What are the main pillars of affiliate marketing?

Customer/End User
Network/Offers for Affiliates


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